2. Money makes everything possible

2. December 2014

A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything. (Ecclesiastes 10,19 NIV)

The person who wrote this was a wise man who lived some thousand years ago. All kinds of proverbs on wisdom we find in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Isn't he right? When you have money you can buy everything. The more money I have got left over the more Christmas decoration I can afford, the more I can buy when passing around the Christmas markets, the more and the more expensive presents I can afford for my friends and relatives, the more often I can go to a restaurant for dinner and much more.

So are Advent and Christmas Season more meant to be for the rich or at least the wealthier ones, and the poor ones are being left behind? Is God that unjust?

That can't be the case, can it?