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The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. (Psalm 12, 7)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1,1)

Playing in water that is fun in summer when it is warn. It is refreshing to swim in a lake or even in the sea. We feel comfortable and free and enjoy this other kind of element. Apart from the air for breathing, water is most important for the human beings in order to survive. Yet the water shall also be fresh, not old or dirty. Otherwise we might even get diseases from it.

At all kinds of competitions, no matter whether they are club championships or Olympic Games, winner and looser stand close together. The ones rejoice, the others lament.
The looser might then put the question, "Why? Why does always the other one win and not me? What has been unjust? Who has been guilty?" Is it unfair that the one person possibly is more talented than the other?
Yet the winner, too is standing at a turning point. What comes afterwards, after having perhaps already won everything that can be won? Is there any further goal beyond all the victories that had already been achieved?
The question arises, what is meaning of it all.

At times of football world championships after the end of a match you often see the fans of the winning team drive around in their cars waving their flags and blowing their horns. Some people who might be calm and quiet in ordinary life hop and dance through the streets rejoicing with loud voices. At football and at many other sports events as well it is not only permitted but it is recommended to openly show sentiments.

In recent times in some Christian congregations it has more and more become a fashion also to dance in the service. Words like "sacred dance" or "praise dance" have developed. On the contrary other denominations are completely against dance and consider it even as coming from the devil. In other cultures, especially in Africa, it has always been completely natural to dance during the services.
So, I am now wondering: What does God think about dancing, or what does the Bible say about dance?

Being single is getting more and more popular in our society. When living alone, a person is free, independent, we may do whatever we want, we don’t rely on anybody. Yet is this really our utmost desire or does it lead to feeling lonesome and lost?
What do we really want deep inside our hearts? Are we not rather longing for being together with somebody, longing for protection and being cared for. Yet does that still fit within the ideas of modern society?

In our days we are more and more told to strive for material goods. We shall try to earn as much money as possible in order to be able to buy a real lot and thus to achieve economic welfare. But is that really the most important? What about wisdom?

Whether in summer or in winter, somebody is always complaining about the weather. One person thinks it’s too cold, the other says it is too hot. It is too dry, or it is raining too much. Does nature satisfy anybody at all?
Scientists are permanently busy with research trying to improve the weather forecast. As we are not able to manipulate the weather, we at least want to know in advance what it will be like in the near future.
Yet who is responsible for the weather? Who decides to pour out rain, to let it snow or to let the sun shine?

For about hundred years we have had women's emancipation. Yet again and again we read in the press about violence against women, about oppression and a lot more. Some exaggerate in the other direction and consider women more important than anything else.

Yet what does God say? What do we find in the Bible about the special roles of man and woman in general life? Who of the two might possibly be the boss?

It has always been like this. From early childhood on every boy and girls learns not to follow stranger. We adults, too, would never leave everything behind when a stranger says to us, “follow me:“
Yet what had it been like in the case of the disciples of Jesus? Did they already know him when he said to them, “follow me?“ Why did they do this? Why did they leave everything behind and followed him? Could it be that even nowadays people might do such a thing?

Once upon a time there was nice Mr. Smith from next door, always smiling, always friendly, always helpful. Also round the corner there lived the Miller family. They were just having their first child. Right away nice Mr. Smith sold them an insurance for the baby in case the child should cause any damage. Might be some day the little boy would play football and hit the window of a jewellery. That would be most expensive for the Millers then. Mr. Smith really cared, how nice. Yet Mr. Smith did not tell the Millers that (in Germany) a child cannot be sentenced guilty as long as not at least 7 years old. Thus the insurance does not make any sense up to that age. Well, but then Mr. Smith would not have gained any commission....... Just a fairy tale?

Experts say that three days are the most that you can tell quite precisely in advance what the weather will be like.
But who is responsible of the weather at all? Whom can we blame for when it is raining or when the sun is shining? Can we have any influence on weather?

Love is the biggest motivation to have the desire learn something. Scientists have had this knowledge for a long time. But what about ordinary citizens and what about politicians, do they know it?

During a journey to Prague with my students we also visited the famous baroque church St. Nicholas. This lead to a most interesting discussion with the children.

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